Rebecca Beguin

Publications: Finding Delos – Kurt and Helen Wolff’s Far-flung Author: Mary Renault. 2019. An exploration of how Renault wrote her novels in apartheid South Africa with a focus on her relationship with Kurt and Helen Wolff of Pantheon through their long-distance correspondence.  Bryher in January, 2017, see posting on content (July 31). A study of Bryher especially in light of her post WW2 historical fiction. And a matriarchal myth/action heroine/”pre-historical” memory: A Runner for the Keep-of Song. 2017. Second in the trilogy, Unseen path of a Bird in Flight, in 2019. See Works

Shepherd 26+ years for Broadbrook Mountain Farm Purebred Register Romneys, with farm owner Holly Nash Wolff. This is a breeding flock of “old style” Romneys, grass fed on hillside pastures and from our own organically raised hay. Lovely white, lustrous fleece. Sheared from long staple in March, great for hand spinners. At NY Rhinebeck Sheep and Wool, in 2014, second place in the long white wool category, and in 2015, Blue ribbon winner of the long white wool category.

Always amazing to go to this show from up here in Vermont and witnessing all the fiber and knitting enthusiasts. What a wonderful vibe. Where else are you going to find people wearing wool as a matter of course?

Pubilcations:Other works still in print: Hers Was the Sky, Torrid Zone, In Unlikely Places. New Victoria Publishers.

Posts include recent short pieces and news as one of many volunteer DJs of Royalton Community Radio, WFVR-LP, South Royalton. Playing African music for an hour every week: In My Bones

1 thought on “Rebecca Beguin”

  1. Jacquelyn JiMoi said:

    Dear Rebecca, thank you so much for sharing your book, Runner for the Keeper-of-Song. I am half way through and do not want to put it down. It has the flavor of a deeper knowing that is inside each of us, In My Bones, you might say.


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