Earlier published novels can be found though New Victoria Publishers.

Two works in book form: rebeccabeguin/Lichen Limited Editions 2017

Bryher In January $12.00      ISBN 978-1-5323-2990-6    See post from 2015

2 or more @$8 each includes shipping. Checks at this point, hoping for ebook in 2018 and online ordering.

A Runner for the Keeper-of-Song: $15.00   ISBN 978-1-5323-2991-3  The song of a fleet-footed hunter, Wurra, who must prove herself as she comes of age. Through an exchange of bonds she goes to live in the very village of the Ekreyru, the keeper of memory song. As she begins to understand relationships, she also realizes what has been lost to her tribe over the ages and what must be done to survive.

Written as lyrical myth to explore matriarchal modality in terms of action heroine/gender & sexuality/moral & spiritual compass.

This will slowly develop into a trilogy of the “munte”, the people,  the Ekreyru, the keeper of the memory-song, and their relationship to the “turumu”, the great mammoths. A glossary for some key words, such as the word eyra for sister/daughter, or miepa for mother, miep for memory song, is part of the exercise to get away from modern concepts.

2 for $25.00; 3 or more additional $10 per copy, includes shipping. Checks only.

Rebecca Beguin/Lichen, 260 Nash Rd, South Royalton, Vermont, 05068


In the works: Mary Renault, writing in South Africa, and her relationship with publishers Kurt and Helen Wolff of Pantheon as they launched her historical fiction in the USA towards best sellers; second story in the trilogy of the Ekreyru: Unseen Path of a Bird in Flight.