While i was researching and studying for a project I’m doing on Mary Renault, two things happened.

First, I realized that she embarked on her great work on Alexander the Great, Fire from Heaven, as she entered her 60s. And I thought, come on, I can do something too, maybe not that, but something!

Second, I was reading her Theseus books which are based on early patriarchal myth, and in letters to her publisher she discusses that, the mergence of patriarchal ethos. Hence, all the derivatives – example, the bull leapers of Knossos finally bringing the Minotaur down, and then the Hunger Games. 

What of the monster slayers? – rather than reconciliation.

So, I started an exercise, anthropological – certainly, what about the matriarchal myth, how far back do we have to go for that, certainly “pre-history”. I began with the cartoon, not of the bearded wise man sitting in front of a cave, but the wise woman with her long white hair. What did she see, what did she know? And from there the story came, as if remembering (in the Mary Daly sense, yes), as if something was unfolding and my task was to follow it through. so I did, creating an action heroine to explore matriarchal modality, in terms of the adventure/gender & sexuality/moral and spiritual compass. It involves breaking through concepts within language as well: What of “woman”? So there was the necessity for distinct terms, and therefor a short glossary.

And forget it with linear time, the modern concept of time…that’s a challenge in a story-line.